Friday, January 24, 2014

Festive Feasting

6 more days and it will be Chinese New Year. Everybody must be busy springcleaning, shopping and preparing for this happy festival.

What I like about CNY is receiving ang pows, wearing new clothes and the eating. Food is always my desire. What can be more happy than eating our favourite dishes.

My mother usually cooks curry chicken, fried chicken wings, prawns and soup for our reunion dinner. As you all can see, it consists mainly of "heaty" food. As I love eating, I sometimes can overeat during reunion dinner until I have difficulty moving and breathing. I also cannot get to sleep easily on those nights when I overeat. It must be the "heaty" food that cause the heartburn and indigestion.

After these incidents, I told myself not to overeat and to eat moderately. And do you know, there are the "hot-cold" properties in the food we eat. I have a "hot" body as I usually feel warm when people touch me but yet I like to take and eat heaty food such as fried chicken wings, curry, chocolate and durians which is not good for me. To be more healthy and avoid the heartburn and indigestion problems, we should eat more neutral food. But since eating is my desire, sometimes I do overeat certain hot and cold food. When you have heartburn and indigestion, you will feel sick and uncomfortable. But do not worry, Gaviscon, the remedy is here.

Gaviscon can reduce any discomfort caused by heartburn and indigestion so remember to stock up some sachets of Gaviscon during this CNY.

*Disclaimer: This is a sponsored post. I have been compensated to write this post.


Rose said...

Hard to stop those food temptation right? Haha. Just don't overeat. ;)

Hayley said...

Wow so good, sponsored post ;)

Yes, must remember to eat moderately even though it's festive season!