Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blog Giveaway Result

Thank you for the following participants in my blog giveaway:

1. Ember
2. Coffeegirl
3. Hayley
4. STP
5. SK
6. Rose
7. J Mei
8. Twilight Man

Some of the participants have misunderstood what I wanted and instead of commenting which drawers I will choose, they comment on which drawers they like, there is actually a difference, but anyway I will close one eye and include all the comments. There are 2 winners in this giveaway, da-duh, they are..............................*drums roll*...............SK and Rose because the drawers I will choose will be the drawers of 3 at S$99, reason being it is the cheapest among all (price is a factor to me), the drawers seem to have more storage space and the wood colour is nice. Can SK and Rose, leave your mailing address in my email lilian_fu2002@yahoo.com and I will send the small gifts to you guys, cheers and once again, congrats!


suituapui said...

Oh? I was in the list too? Not really in the running, just commenting. Congrats to the winners.

[SK] said...

oh?? it was a lucky draw by random numbers?? how lucky i am.. actually mentioned the MLM 3-drawers but didn't give the reason.. hehehe!! ooopsss :p

[SK] said...

thank you Libby in advanced!! left you a message with my mailing address and looking forward to the gift~~ :p

Coffee Girl said...

oh hey! im in the list too although i forgot to resubmit with the further comment. Niceee! congrats to SK and Rose!

Libby said...

SK: Hi SK, it is not by random numbers, it is a contest with a fixed answer and you had guessed correctly my answer, cheers!

Rose said...

Wow! This is a surprise! But thanks in advance. :)

I will email to you my address later.

Twilight Man said...

I won nothing!!! Hu Hu Hu Hu

Congratulations to the winners. Next time I must ask SK to help me choose drawers!

Libby said...

Twilight Man: Don't be sad, you can try again in my next giveaway, I might be conducting a top commentator giveaway in future, so keep the comments coming in, cheers!