Friday, October 25, 2013

Updated wish list

These are the things on my wish list right now:

1. Acer Netbook (white colour) because I lost my netbook during my trip to Taipei.

2. Panasonic Lumix camera in order to take better pictures for my blog.

3. A new and spacious house because my house is getting old and I stayed in it for 12 years (not long enough?). Actually this wish is the most difficult to fulfill cos moving house and buying a new house will be a big decision for every member of the family.

How about you? What is your wish list at the moment?


Rose said...

a well deserved family holiday but that would not be possible. next year maybe.

【EmbeR】 said...

我只想存款而已~ 就這樣。
錢好難存阿 :(

Hayley said...

My only wish is to have proper rest, or shall I say, days off.

I simply need more rest, after being a stay at home mum ;)

Libby said...

Rose: Not easy especially with kids.

Ember: 同意你的说法,钱好难存!

Hayley: Not easy being a stay at home mom, contrary to popular beliefs that stay at home mom is very free.

Twilight Man said...

My only wishlist is traveling several times a year. Simple.