Sunday, October 13, 2013

Examination period is here

October is the month of examinations for Primary School students in Singapore. It will be a busy period for me as my students will be having their examinations this month. I am also giving additional lessons to my students, hope they can do well in their examinations. I may be busy, but I will still try to find time to blog and keep in touch with my blogger friends, so do stay tune for any updates I may have, cheers and have a good weekend!

Smiles :)


Coffee Girl said...

Hi Libby! Have fun during the exams! after that will be holidays right? yay!

reana claire said...

Hi Libby.. About the upload of songs, i just used ipad to record and then upload to youtube... Hope this helps,,,

Hayley said...

Don't worry, just do whatever is important, we can wait ;)