Sunday, September 15, 2013

Teaching English to an 8 Years Old

How do you explain the meaning of certain English words to a 8 years old so that he or she will understand. Sometimes I will translate the word to Chinese so that they will understand the meaning of the words. But to some students who are not good in Chinese, I will use English to explain the meaning of English words, as simple as I can and in layman's terms so that an 8 years old will understand. These are some examples, you may find the explanation of the meaning funny but this is how they understand the words.

1. "Hardworking" - You finish your work before going out to play, that is hardworking.

2. " Naughty" - Your mother asks you not to so something, but you still do it, that is naughty.

3. "Confident" - Very sure of what you do, that is confident.

Teaching English can be interesting and fun and sometimes you need to be creative too!


Hayley said...

English is so important these days.

You've done a good job, jia you!

Twilight Man said...

Yes teaching needs innovative ideas and creative tools to motivate them. My wife often cracked her head too.

suituapui said...

Must be fun! Can't stand those teachers as dead as a door nail, boring like hell.