Sunday, September 29, 2013

Something interesting - Using Chinese to teach Mathematics

I had the chance to go to a bookshop at JB during my one day trip there. I went to browse through some of the assessment books there and found out that some Mathematics books are in Chinese, that is something interesting to me because in Singapore, we do not teach Mathematics in Chinese. As I go through the books, I find that it is rather difficult to understand the Mathematics terms in Chinese, so that is considered a new discovery by me. Indeed different countries will have different edcational systems, so do you like the educational sytem in your country, I find that our educational system is quite ok because we have the bilingual system here (English and Mother Tongue) except sometimes we can emphasize more on building up desirable characteristics such as confidence, self-independence, self-motivation and so on, rather than emphasize too much on the academics.


Bella Enveeus said...

I have Chinese friends in Chinese schools who actually prefer doing Maths in Chinese even though they can also speak and read well in English and Bahasa Malaysia. And most of them have the ability to think critically. Maybe that helps in making the neurons in the brain work more?

suituapui said...

Chinese school students are such wizards at Maths...but I hear many who went overseas (like NZ) did not do well as they were stumped by the language. Some could not even understand the questions to answer...even though knowledge-wise, they were better than their uni professors.