Saturday, September 28, 2013

Reading and my favourite authors

I always have been an avid reader of publications. Whether they are books, magazines or of recent, blogs. I enjoy reading because it takes me to places I have never been, to people I have never met and to experiences I have never encountered yet. Reading has allowed me to grow as a person as ideas and perspectives develop as I continue reading and it inspires me too.

Apart from Buddhist books, I've been reading some children's story books too. I actually find them enjoyable. Contrary to the what others are saying, the plot could be simple but the characters and the words used are definitely remarkable.

I have realized that reading children literature definitely helps one have a bigger vocabulary, increases one’s creativity and improves one's writing ability.

During college days, one of my favourite authors is 金庸 if you know who he is. I am in love with his books with his vivid description of the characters and the gung fu moves.

Another favourite author of mine is 亦舒 if you know who she is. Not forgetting Enid Blyton, another favourite author of mine, don't laugh at me, I know he writes children's story books, but children's story books can be interesting to read too!

How about you? Do you love reading and who are your favourite authors?


Hayley said...

I don't really love reading... kekeke~

【EmbeR】 said...


Libby said...

Ember: 张小娴写的是爱情小说,还是生活小品呢?

Twilight Man said...

I love reading very much! It broadens my knowledge and helped me to plan my life & holiday trips.

Libby said...

TM: Indeed reading can give you that kind of inspiration and ideas, and help in planning your life.