Monday, September 30, 2013

One more month - One year anniversary for my Samsung Galaxy Ace

One more month on Oct 20, will be one year anniversary for my Samsung phone. I am still using it and still happy with it. I just changed its "clothing" today meaning I just changed its screen guard. The shop owner asks if I want clear type or matte type, I chose clear type. It costed me S$6. What phone are you using now? Are you happy with your phone?


suituapui said...

Getting a new one? Send me the old one. Hehehehehe!!!!

Libby said...

STP: I am not getting a new one yet, still can use, haha! By the way, can we use Singapore handphones in Malaysia, I wonder.

Twilight Man said...

Yes you can use your phone in Malaysia.

My phone is Samsung S3 which my wife won from the Hong Leong Bank contest. The glass screen has cracked long ago and I am reluctant to change the glass as it costs RM600....!!!! faints!