Friday, September 6, 2013

Loots from my Taiwan Trip

Actually I didn't buy much during my Taiwan trip, so when Hayley asked me to share my loots (haul) from my trip, I was a bit hesitant, but nonetheless, I will still share and I will like to dedicate this post to Hayley.
A neon yellow bag and black Taiwan keychain for my friend, Josephine. Her favourite colour is yellow, which is why I bought this yellow colour bag and she likes it very much.
A green colour haversack and a pink colour travel bag for myself. I simply love these neon colours, it is the trend right now.

Fridge magnets and keychains for myself and my blogger friends. There are some more, but I had given them away before I have the chance to take a photograph of them. Keychains and fridge magnets are my favourites when it comes to buying souvenirs for friends.

There are also one orange colour t-shirt and one black wallet I bought for my sister, didn't have the chance to take photo (or rather didn't have the time to take photo).

I also bought a tin of pineapple tarts from the airport for my mom, no photo too.

See? There I say, I don't have many photos to share, that's why I was hesitant to post about these, hope you guys don't mind that there are only a few photos.


[SK] said...

hehehe, i have not been to Taiwan before, so rather have no idea of what (or how many) things are worth buying there.. well, maybe that was not your shopping trip, that's why you didn't also buy a lot.. at least got something back and not empty-handed lah, hehe~~ :)

felicia chai said...

Fridge magnet 我个人也很爱很爱

Rose said...

At least there is something from your holiday! Lol!!

Vickylow said...

The green haversack & pink travel bag is attractive with the striking color.

Libby said...

SK: Hi SK, have you received my postcard?

Felicia: 你形容得好贴切。

Rose: How have you been Rose?

Vicky: I especially like the pink travel bag, thanks for the compliment Vicky.

Twilight Man said...

This SK is so silly. He went to Europe and even visited camels in Arab but he never thought of Taiwan. It is such a lovely country to live and shop besides eating their lovely food.

Waverly Charlotte said...

I'm thinking of flying off to Taiwan at the end of this year, but I'm worried about the weather (and the assignments that might follow me there)...

The lack of pictures is alright, as long as you had fun vacationing in Taipei. ^_^

Hayley said...

Hi there!!

Thanks for dedicating this post for me! You're so sweet ;)

Actually it doesn't matter if we din't buy a lot during a trip, cause all the great memories and photos also worth it already ^^

Agnes said...


Thanks for the key chain..I have received it 2 days ago..I like the tangling little taiwan map on it.