Tuesday, September 10, 2013

JB One Day Trip

Me and friend set off at 8.30am and went to Queen Street Bus Station to take the Causeway Link Express Bus to JB. It costed us $2.40 each for the bus ticket. The journey takes about one hour. When we reach Woodlands Checkpoint, we went down to chop our passports. After that, we didn't know that actually we can just take any CW1 or CW2 bus to Malaysia Customs. It took us some time to find out. When we reached Malaysia Customs, we alighted from the bus and got our passports chop. Then, we cross the bridges and took a taxi to KSL. It costed us only RM 6 for the taxi.
This is the first thing we bought when we reached KSL. Fipper slippers. It is biodegradable, washable, made from natural rubber and slip resistant. It costed us RM17.90, cheaper than the slippers in Singapore. Branded some more.
Passport holder and Iphone 4 cover

Chanel Jumpsuit
Facial Masks

Mee Jawa

Scallop and Sushi

KSL Hotel and Resort

KSL Resort

Buffet Lunch price and timing
We also bought facial masks at 4 sheets for RM10. After buying our slippers and facial masks, we went to Factory Outlet Store (FOS) and my friend bought 2 blouses for herself. At around 12pm, we went to Infusion Cafe and Restaurant to have our buffet lunch. It costed RM45++ for each person. Lunch was at a relaxing pace and it became rather crowded with many kids after a while. After that we left the restaurant at around 2pm and continued our shopping at KSL. I bought a Iphone 4 handphone cover for my friend and a passport holder for myself. The handphone cover costed only RM4, so cheap! I can't find this cheap in Singapore. The passport cover costed RM13. At around 4pm, we left KSL and took a taxi to City Square. This time the taxi fare costed us RM15 because the starting fare was RM6 and the taxi metre jumped very fast! We felt kind of cheated.

At City Square, I bought a T shirt and a Jumpsuit for my sister which costed me RM50. After a while, we went to KFC to have a drink and rest our feet. We left City Square and took the Causeway Link Express Bus back to Singapore and it costed us RM2.50 per person for the bus ticket. Before that, we went to the Malaysia Customs to have our passports chop, it was only a walking distance from City Square to the Malaysia Customs. The Causeway Link Express Bus will alight at 2 destinations, one at Kranji MRT and one at Queen Street. We took the one that alight at Queen Street. There was a slight jam before we reached Woodlands Checkpoint. When we reach Woodlands Checkpoint, we went down the bus again to get our passports chop. After that, it was another one hour journey back to Singapore.

Overall, it was a fun trip and we had a very filling lunch at KSL Hotel.


Somewhere in Singapore said...

The buffet looks good...

Somewhere in Singapore said...

There's a bus at KSL entrance there that takes u to the checkpoint there RM1.50

suituapui said...

Queen Street bus station? Still there, eh? Since so long ago. Everything must seem soooo cheap to you, divided by around 2.5.

Twilight Man said...

Wow! You are really a shopping queen! The hotel looks nice and cosy.

Twilight Man said...
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Libby said...

STP: The good old Queen Street Bus Station, it had been there for many many years.

Libby said...

Sharon: I enjoyed the buffet lunch, at a relaxing pace, eat at our own pace without tour guide chasing us cos it is a free and easy one day trip.

Libby said...

TM: I enjoyed this trip very much. JB and Singapore are so near to each other.