Wednesday, September 18, 2013

九月已经用掉一半了(Half of September has gone by)

So fast half of September has gone by, what have you done during this half month?

For me, I went JB for a one day trip on 9 Sep (Monday).

That's the only thing that is something different from the routine, other than that, nothing special happens.

Oh yes, before I forget, there is something I did today (Tuesday), which is considered something special.

I was a volunteer today and I went down to a hospital to chant prayers to an uncle who has passed away.

In Chinese, they call it 助念往生, that is a very meaningful thing which I did today.

How about you? How is your September so far?


suituapui said...

Went to JB, suddenly so rich there hor...everything would seem so cheap!

reana claire said...

Oh yes.. indeed time passes very fast.. soon end of the year...

Hayley said...

Time sure flies! About 3 more months to go before we welcome 2014!! :0

My Sept is so far so good ;)