Wednesday, August 7, 2013


At Changi Airport Terminal 2 waiting for my flight to Taiwan

On board Tiger Airways (don't know how many km in the sky)

It is approaching evening time when I am about to reach Taiwan
My first meal - Pasta

My dinner on the second day in Taiwan - Curry Rice


My dinner on the third day




Taiwan Taxi - Starting fare at Taiwan Dollars 70 dollars

乱剪salon, 你敢试吗?

Shop with Chinese signboard


Banner in Taiwan

Cafe in Ximending

Yoshinoya Menu

They have Yoshinoya in Taiwan but the food they serve is different from Singapore

Temple in Shilin Night Market

Famous Large Fried Chicken but it tastes hard and salty to me (cost Taiwan Dollars 55 dollars)


Cute dog in Taiwan



Taiwan Telephone Company

Taipei 101

Taipei 101

Taipei 101

Bags I bought in Taiwan 现在正流行萤光色

Movies now showing in Taiwan, is it the same in your country?

When I was in Taiwan for the holidays, I was so afraid that there maybe earthquake or typhoon because August is a typhoon month but luckily I was back on the 6 August Tuesday and typhoon arrived only on the 21 August Wednesday.

Taiwan closed offices and suspended flights on Wednesday as Tropical Storm Trami churned towards the island, with meteorologists cautioning against torrential rains and strong winds.

Last month Typhoon Soulik battered Taiwan with torrential rain and powerful winds, leaving two people dead and at least 100 injured.

Roofs were ripped from homes, debris and fallen trees littered the streets and some areas were submerged by floods.

Review of Paradise Hotel which I stayed for 3 nights
The hotel is situated just outside of Taipei’s 西門町 and the train stations. I liked the location of the hotel as it is not noisy and conveniently located near major shops and eateries.

The rooms are small and most of its fixtures are dated. The toilets are clean but old. It is a place for easy-going travelers seeking purely for a good night sleep. The television reception is average but surprisingly, it has a long list of programmes (free-to-air and cable channels) for a small hotel.

Frontline staff are friendly and helpful. They are very patient in explaining/guiding hotel guests to various destinations. I would say that this is a good hotel taking into consideration of its location and rates and will recommend it to friends.

The bathroom was clean and quite spacious. The bed was comfortable and clean.

The room was cleaned daily during our stay here. There was no unpleasant smells in the room. Air-condition was OK.

The location of the hotel is good with plenty of shops and restaurants around.

Not forgetting, there is free Wi-Fi inside the room.

Blog Giveaway

Gift "A"

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Those who leave a comment or a few comments in this post, I will handpick 2 winners from the list and send them the souvenirs I bought in Taiwan. And don't forget to tell me whether you want to win Gift A or Gift B. So what are you waiting for? Quickly leave any thought or comment you have about my trip, my photos, the hotel I stayed and anything you could think of and you could be one of the winners! Good luck!


suituapui said...

Aiyor!!! Go Taiwan, eat pasta and curry? I would want to eat only the local favourites when I go some place. as far as possible, of course..., thanks. Postage is expensive these days...and slow and unreliable. Good luck to the rest!!!

Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves the dog, soooooo cute...

Ee Siong 一雄 said...


Hayley said...

Wow, what a great 'tour' you had brought me! Haha xD
Me just wanna comment, don't really mind the souvenirs, hehe :p

Never been to Taiwan yet, heard it's a food and shopping paradise huh?
Loook forward to see your loots!

Agnes said...

Heard about Taiwan trips from friends and relative but never been there. Should start planning for a trip to visit my uncle who resides there.

I would try local Taiwanese food if I visit there. the hotel you stayed sound convenient but a big old in their furnishing. Souvenir B looks nicer to me, I will have that! thanks!

Libby said...

STP: I did try the local famous food which is the large fried chicken but it was a bit too salty and hard for me, also I was too hungry to wait to go places to eat so just grab what is near me, heeheehee.

Libby said...

Hayley: Hope you don't mind I just put photos and a few caption only, surprised that this time you didn't choose my souvenir, I am really sincere in giving and shows that I still remember you guys when I am overseas haha, maybe next round bah.

Libby said...

Sharon: The real dog is even cuter, by the way I discover Taiwan people like dogs a lot.

Libby said...

Ee Siong: 欢迎到我的部落格

Libby said...

Agnes: I will take note you choose B, good luck!

Twilight Man said...

I have visited Taiwan a few times and never had enough of it. The food and shopping are great!

Libby said...

Twilight Man: Hi, wow you been there a few times, you must really love Taiwan, I don't mind go there again too, cos they speak Chinese and Hokkien which makes communication easy, makes me feel very 亲切

Libby said...

*Look forward