Monday, July 1, 2013

Random Notes #1

1. I am not a social media person nor am I a silent reader of people's blogs, I normally leave comments after reading someone's blog.

2. I love to read and I am into books, I hope to read more books in future.

3. I am not so attached to TV and drama, only once in a while when there is nice drama I like then I will be hooked, but I usually watch them online. I like to watch shows related to food and travel.

4. I am an audio person so I listen to the radio stations quite often, espcially in the night when I can't sleep.

How about you?


Rose said...

You are more or less sound like me. hehe. We are same kind of characters.

[SK] said...

i also usually leave a comment after reading other people's blog, it's an act of appreciation and motivation to them.. agree??

i seldom read books and listen to radio, but i do watch drama series, downloaded ones from the internet, haha!! :D

Coffee Girl said...

Hi Libby. =) 1. Im usually a silent reader esp when i cant think of a word to say to leave a comment after i read. 2. Me too! 3. Me too! AFC yeay! 4. not really.

Coffee Girl said...

Libby, AFC is Asian Food Channel - glorious glorious food! :) Do you have the channel there in Spore?

Reni Chen said...

I love to read too! I used to hate reading, would always yawn at the sight of books! hahaha i started reading only 5 years ago, i guess it's nebver too late? hehehe

Libby said...