Tuesday, July 2, 2013

I love food especially local food (yummy!)

I love to eat local food, these are the few local foods I love.

(1) Duck Rice or Porridge or Duck Noodles

(2) Popiah

(3) Yau Tau Foo

(4) Asam Curry

The fish must be fresh and not have the "fishy" smell or taste

(5) Prawn Noodles, be it soup or dry

(6) Roti Prata

(7) Curry Rice

Oh mine! I am going hungry looking at all these food pictures. How about you? Which local food do you like?


Somewhere in Singapore said...

I loves the duck rice, popiah, soup prawn mee...

Vickylow said...

All are my favourites, Asian food is the best.

Coffee Girl said...

If you ever drop by Sarawak, try the Sarawak Laksa. everyone's favorite back home. :p

suituapui said...

Me too!!! Anytime nicer than those Japanese or Italian or what have you. My daughter loves those though.