Wednesday, July 3, 2013

Do you know these facts?

1. Do snails have babies or lay eggs? Some snails such as the mystery snail (apple snail) lay eggs. Others like the trap door snail are live bearers. So it depends on the snail.

2. How do Penguins breathe? Penguins breathe oxygen through lungs. They can hold their breath for incredible amounts of time underwater while they hunt for fish as food.

3. Does spider lay eggs? Female spiders lay eggs in clusters of up to a number of dozens.

4. How does whale breathe? All whales take air into their respiratory system from a blowhole, which acts as a nostril and is located on the top of a whale's back. When air and water are seen spitting from a whale's blowhole, the whale is actually exhaling.

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Vickylow said...

Thanks for sharing the facts.