Friday, July 26, 2013

Be positive, things will turn better

The above is a reminder to myself whenever things are turning bad. Yes, we really need to constantly remind ourself to be positive, only when you are positive, things will turn better and learn to count your blessings. The future for me is dark but I don't give up, I still persevere and stay on. Don't you think the same way as me that we should be positive because life is not a bed of roses?


Hayley said...


Always think positively, you'll never know what surprises are there! ;)

suituapui said...

Life is certainly not a bed of roses but fuming and grumbling would not help make it any better - in fact, it would make you feel worse...and affect those people around you as well, family and friends.

Think positive, smile...and pray that tomorrow will be a better day. After the rain, the sun will come shining through, sooner or later.