Thursday, June 6, 2013

Library and my teaching blog

I feel very lucky and fortunate to have a library in my neighbourhood. The library just undergo a renovation recently and now they have a green colour "nature" theme which I like. I enjoy going to the library during my free time. Above are some photos of the library surrounding, does it look cosy to you?

By the way, I have another blog on teaching at, do visit it when you are free, there are some ideas and resources on teaching there.



Rose said...

Wow! Very natural looking library. I like!

long time I didn't visit a library. Could not bring along my 2 chatty and active kids to library. Sure we will be shoo-ed out by the librarian. Brought them to bookstore over the holiday and they were happily chatting away, like in their own home till the daddy and mummy went crazy. The whole bookstore was full of their noise. Luckily not so many customers that time, but I think the book store staff also couldn't help but irritated by them. Lol!

Hayley said...

Will take a look at your teaching blog when I have the time, hehe ;)