Thursday, May 16, 2013

On the home front

You don't have to go overseas for a memorable holiday when there's a great option right here. Like the average Singaporean, I'll take any excuse for a holiday. Even if it means keeping my feet firmly planted on local soil. Recently I just went for a short getaway locally in my own country. I stayed in Ibis Hotel at Bencoolen Street, yes, alone. It was so blissful. I stayed in the Superior Room, perfect for sloths like me who love nothing better than to watch TV in bed and yes, there is also free internet access in the lobby. Here's a photo of the hotel room. What do you think of the hotel room?


Rose said...

Looks comfortable to me! :) I also like a short getaway over the weekend. Nothing extravagant, just an outing in local soil. Day trip or overnight is fine with me.

Hayley said...

Just one photo of the bed, cant really tell how good it is.

But to me, main concern when staying at a hotel is cleanliness and odor free~

Vickylow said...

Oh yes we love doing this too. A very short getaway, staying at nice hotel at the city haha. Save time for travel far journey.