Saturday, May 25, 2013

I love numbers and teaching Maths!

I must say my best subject is Mathematics (*shyless me*). I used to score As for my Maths and even in High School I scored very well for Statistics and I really love teaching Maths to my students especially problem sums dealing in Fractions. I am beginning to teach my Primary 3 student on the topic of Money. It is a hair pulling session for me to teach my student Brayden Division as he keeps forgetting how to divide. He is also a restless and mischievous boy. I also quite like Science too but Science appears a little difficult to me. How about you, of the 4 subjects, Maths, Science, English and Chinese, which one is your favourite subject and why?


Rose said...

English is my favorite subject followed by Science and then Maths.

Simple Person said...

I love maths too
Something that no need to remember lol