Monday, May 27, 2013

Hooked on 美人龍湯

I am hooked on the following Taiwanese drama this week and I must say Mike He's acting is pretty good as he tries to portray the twin brothers with different characteristics.

Spring Love (Chinese: 美人龍湯) is a 2013 Taiwanese idol television drama series. The show was produced and filmed by GTV and it stars Mike He as the main male lead with Lin Ying Zhen from Taiwanese girl group PopU Lady as the main female lead. The show started filming on August 13, 2012 and will continue to film till February 1, 2013. The first episode was aired on January 27, 2013.


The loving couple, Long Shou-cheng and Michiko was forced to separate due to differences in their family status. Their twin sons, Long Tian-hao and Long Tian-he were also forced to separate from each other—Long Shou-cheng taking his elder son, Long Tian-he, and remained in Taiwan to manage the century old family business; Michiko took their younger son back to her homeland Japan to build a life from scratch. The twins are identical in appearance, but different in personality. When they fall in love with the same girl, they also changed the girl’s fate from that point on.

After his mother's death, Long Tai (Mike He) returned to Taiwan in search for his long lost father and twin brother. When people mistook him for his brother, who had left the country, he perpetuated the mistake. The change did not go unnoticed by his brother's foe. Zhao Ren Hu (Nylon Chen), who had planned on defeating Long Tian He (Mike He). He is in a festival competition and wanted to take over Long's hot spring but was defeated by Long Tai. As per agreement, Zhao sent his sister (Lin Ying Zhen) to Long's house to work as an indenture servant for a year, but secretly ordered his sister to spy on Long. But, his sister had other things in mind.

How about you? Which Taiwan drama have you watched before and which are your favourites? Do share with me, I would love to hear from you.


Rose said...

I don't really watch Taiwanese drama. Hahaha! But hubby enjoyed watching those Taiwanese Hokkien drama, but now he is too busy with works that he has no time catching up on them. I still prefer Hong Kong drama and now I am starting to like Korean drama thanks to my sis' influence. Lol!

Vickylow said...

I only watch selecting Taiwanese drama because some of those idol drama acting are really lousy. It's better to watch Singaporean drama haha.