Saturday, February 23, 2013

Hotel confirmed finally

Finally our hotel room for the Cameron Highlands trip is confirmed. I called Five Stars Tours last evening and after my second call, Gary picked up the call. He said to me that our hotel room, a superior room at Equatorial is confirmed half an hour ago. Yeah! Finally it is confirmed. Here's a review of the Equatorial Hotel:

Perched at 1,628 meters above sea level, surrounded by majestic mountains and gentle undulating valleys, Equatorial Cameron Highlands is the only resort at the highest accessible point of highlands.

(1) Complimentary wireless high speed internet access at the hotel lobby and hotel rooms in the tower block. Not available in the apartments.

(2) Complimentary scheduled shuttle service is available for in house guests to Brinchang and Tanah Rata Town.

My sis said hotel is not important aspect to her as it is just a place to sleep and take shower but to me, 我蛮注重旅店的品质。Cos I like the feel of a classy and cosy hotel. How about you? Is hotel an important consideration for you when you travel, do share your views. Thanks.


Genskie said...

wow I hope you'll enjoy your stay there let us know and take some pics

Hayley said...

So long din't go CH already! Miss the air there~

Enjoy your trip!

Vickylow said...

Been Cameron Highland twice but never try this hotel. Last stay was a 3 bedroom apartment, very clean and new. Enjoy your holiday.

Agnes said...

Place to stay is definitely an important part in any tours, especially travel with kids. I like the cosiness of the hotel room, that's what we pay for.