Saturday, January 19, 2013

Hotel Review: Ibis Hong Kong Central and Sheung Wan

Hong Kong's newest Ibis Hotel is situated in the convenient neighbourhoods of Sheung Wan and Central, just a strollaway from the Sheung Wan MTR station and Macau Ferry Terminal. The bright, airy lobby is immediately inviting and rooms offer stunning views of the harbour. Whether you're an early or late riser, you'll love their breakfast hours run from 4am to 12noon daily so there's no excuse to skip your first meal. And the deal clincher for most travellers? There's complimentary Wifi throughout the hotel. So what do you think of this hotel after my introduction? By the way, was unable to upload a photo of the hotel as I encountered some problem in loading photo at The box for browsing and uploading photo is missing. Anybody got any solution? Pls help, thanks.


Hayley said...

Oh you went to HK? Nice place ya?

Err regarding your problem, sorry I have no idea too, did you check with Blogger?

Simple Person said...

I also like hong kong a lot
Normally stay in those cheap motel
Sorry don't know abt the problem

Vickylow said...

Maybe because your new blogger theme cause the problem. Try change back the blogger design and see.

Libby said...

Vicky: Let me try, thanks.

Libby said...

Hayley: Hi Hayley, I did not go to HK recently, I wrote this hotel review after reading about it in a magazine.