Monday, January 28, 2013

Did you enjoy your school days?

I enjoyed my Primary School and Secondary School days until I entered college. I enjoyed Primary school days because I was among the top students and I was the champion for a Chinese Composition Competition (*shyless me*) and I enjoyed Secondary School days because I have the funniest classmates and we crack jokes almost everyday. Until I entered college cos in college I run into a male Maths teacher who looked down on slower and weaker students. By the way I was in a Methodist school during Secondary School and I studied Bible Studies but on the contrary I am a Buddhist now. How about you? Did you enjoy your school days? Care to share?


Vickylow said...

Yes I enjoy my school days. No need to think or bother anything like now in adulthood. The only thing to worry is exam haha.

yvonne said...

Em... when I was schooling, I wished I would enter the adulthood faster - working, pakto-ing and starting a family.

Now, I wish to remain as a student, less stress, commitment and responsible.

How ironic, huh? Hahaha~

Simple Person said...

I always got punish by the teachers..

Libby said...

SP: LOL, haha you must be a naughty and mischievous little boy when you are a kid.