Wednesday, January 2, 2013

2012 - Good Year, 2013 - Positive about it

It's 2013?! Happy New Year. Let me recall what has happened and what I have achieved in 2012.


I yearn for getaways but unfortunately I wasn't able to travel as much as I wanted because of work and because I need money but I do plan to have a trip once every year and I am planning to go Taiwan end of 2013. Hope that my plan will be successful. I'm very much into eating, shopping and sightseeing when I travel, well that's what travelling is all about.


I have achieved a milestone in my blogging for the year 2012. I managed to have over 200 posts for the whole year. I have also got to know many great friends such as Simple Person, Hayley, Genskie, Coffeegirl, Agnes, Cynthia, Vicky, Rose, YT, Yvonne, Uncle Lee, STP and so on. Sorry if I forgot to mention you here. I had held two giveaways in 2012 and the winners were Simple Person, Hayley and Agnes. It is fun having giveaways and I will hold more giveaways in 2013.


I had learned many techniques of teaching through my experience and I must say I love teaching more and more each day. I will not give up teaching no matter what.


It had been a good year. I had a trip to Port Dickson this year and I strike lottery 2 times this year. Woo hoo! I hope 2013 I will huat ah also.


Agnes said...

wishing you every success in year 2013.

Simple Person said...

wish you for another great year in 2013...
wow good for you that you strike lottery

Coffee Girl said...

Hi Libby! Happy New Year! wah youve been traveling a lot and been lucky with the lottery too! Nice! Come to Kuching, i help you spend your winning. :p Happy New Year 2013!

Natasha Ting said...

i love seeing people loving life, because i am too enjoy every single bit of it :D