Saturday, December 8, 2012

Sunshine Award

I will like to do this tag myself and these are the questions to be answered:

1) What person inspires you the most?

My daddy, he is jovial and kind. He dotes on me and inspires me to be positive about my life.  

2) How do you chose the blogs to follow ?

I choose blogs that catch my attention and reading them helps inspire me.  

3) What is your guilty pleasure?

Fried chicken wings, I love fried stuff and yes, I know they are unhealthy food :P  

4) What is the next thing you are going to buy ?

Frankly speaking, I have no craving for anything to buy next, because I have everything I want. But maybe for my house, I would like a new sofa and a new wardrobe.  

5) What is your favorite holiday? Why?

Turkey and Korea. Turkey because it is a beautiful country with East and West cultures nicely blended. Korea because I went there during Winter (my favourite season) and I had a fun time skiing. 

6) What woud you like to receive for Christmas /or simply as a gift?  

Again, I have no craving for any material thing, what I want for Christmas is I wish my family good health, peace and happiness.

7) What is the thing you really can't live without?

My phone and maybe sleep too.

8) What can make you smile again when you are sad?

My daddy's smile.

9) How do you see your life after 10 years?

I can't imagine that, I just live day by day (play by day), I don't want to think too far ahead as life is full of unexpected things.

10) What is the most important thing in your life that you have been able to achieve?

Finishing and getting my Diploma.

Now, after all the above, I am sure you get to know me better. :)

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Rose said...

Oh, that is sweet. Daddy's girl.