Monday, December 3, 2012

Photo Review: Beary Clips

Aren't these beary clips simply cute? I saw them at a shopping mall and immediately took a picture of it. I love all things nice, beautiful and cute. Are always attracted to them.


Rose said...

They are cute indeed. I am sure my girl will nag me to buy for her if she sees them. :p

Hayley said...

Yes very cute!
But not suitable for me anymore... :(

Genskie said...

They are so pretty... I am not into clips but i do love seeing lil girls wearing cute clips like this.. :)

Libby said...

Rose: I am sure kids will love these cute clips!

Hayley: Haha, I also don't dare to wear these cute clips, more for kids I think.

Genskie: You have long hair but you don't wear clips?

Vickylow said...

Very cute hair clips, girls love it.