Sunday, December 2, 2012

Now is the travelling period?

Many of my friends went travelling recently, probably due to the school holidays. Yanling went with her daughter to Australia I think, Wan Ting also went holiday with her family, Mei Mei also went on a holiday, Lu Lu just came back from Perth. Who says the economy is not doing very good? How about you? Any travel plans recently?


Hayley said...

You're right!
Year end is usually the holiday season, hehe..

As you know, I have just back from US about 3 weeks ago, no more holiday plan til next year, hehe.


Libby said...

Hi Hayley, I just went to Port Dickson in July, so no travel plan as yet. Maybe mid next year.

Rose said...

Most people travels during school holidays so they can bring their kids along. As for me, no vacation this year. But plan to next year.

Genskie said...

No plans at all LIbby... my company is not following that... I knwo it sucks