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Closure of blog giveaway

Today marks the closure of my blog giveaway and I announced the winner to be...................Da duh! Agnes! Bingo! She's brilliant, she managed to guess correctly my favourite blog post in my August's posts. Yes, "Versatile Blogger Award" was my favourite blog post because here I pen down and share about interesting facts about myself whereby my readers get to know me better. Dear Agnes, kindly leave your mailing address in my email address and I will send the secret souvenir to you! Cheers! As for Genskie and SP who did not win, do not be disheartened, I will hold some other blog giveaways for you guys to take part again in future.


Rose world said…
Congratulations to Agnes! Oh dear, did not participate in this one. But never mind, I guess more giveaway to come from you?? Lol!
Genskie said…
congratulations Agnes!... I would like to join next time again :)
Simple Person said…
congratulation to Agnes..

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Red packets from the bank

The chinese wordings mean "ten thousand things as you wish".
The chinese wordings mean " every generation got money to count". The chinese character of the word "rat" sounds like "count" in mandarin.
The chinese wordings mean "flowers blossom and bring in the wealth".

Ang pow packets from POSB bank, the squirrel is the mascot of the bank.

Front - the chinese wordings mean may all your hopes be fulfilled.

Back - This year, let's commit to saving our trees as we reduce paper wastage by recycling whenever we can, so that we can revel away as nature flourishes abundantly. Let's all do our part and take small steps for a more sustainable future.

Front - the chinese wordings mean surplus year after year.

Back - did you know that by year 2050, there could be more plastics than fishes in our oceans. Let's curb our usage of one time disposable plastics to ensure we can delight in an abudance of fish every year.

Front - the chinese w…

Chinese new year fish aka rabbit fish

Today my mom steamed white stomach fish aka rabbit fish, or also known as pek tor he in teochew dialect.

She steamed it with a mixture of soy sauce, chilli and garlic. Yums!

The teochews in Singapore believe that eating rabbit fish during CNY will ensure good luck for the coming year.

Maccha House @ PLQ Mall (8 Sep, Sunday)

Went to the newly opened PLQ Mall for a walk and saw that there is a Japanese restaurant by the name of Maccha House which is something like Nana Green Tea. I had a look at their menu and saw that they serve Parfait and Matcha Latte too, so I went in to have a meal since Matcha Latte is my favourite.

I ordered their Deluxe Ten Don @ S$12.99 and Matcha Latte @ S$4.40. Bill total is S$20.50 with service charge and GST. Their Matcha Latte is very creamy and tasty, I like! As for their Ten Don, nothing to shout about as it is the usual fare with Tempura Prawns, Brinjal, Pumpkin and Mushroom. What is unusual is they have one fried hard boiled egg in their Ten Don.

Their interior is very cosy by using a lot of green colour in their decor. There are sofa seats and the normal seating.  Maybe next time I will be back just for their Parfait and Matcha Latte since their Main Courses do not look really attractive to me.

Maccha House
PLQ Mall #02-20,
10 Paya Lebar Road, Paya Lebar Quarter,