Sunday, September 23, 2012

Blog Statistics

The statistics I found in my blogger site is so interesting.

They have statistics data by country, breaking down the pageviews by individual countries such as Singapore, Malaysia, US, UK, Philippines, Indonesia and so on.

They also have audience data breakdown by the type of operating systems they use so you would know who access your blog by using blackberry phone, iphone, nokia phone or even iPad.

The stats of my blog site indicated that I have an international audience of readers from my own country Singapore and other countries such as Malaysia, Philippines, Indonesia, the US, UK, China and even Japan.

How about you, what can you conclude from your blog stats and which country are you from?


Genskie said...

oh i havent checked that lemme try

suituapui said...

Dunno. Don't bother...but when I dropped by some blog, they say by the side, somebody just checked in from such and such a place...but I was not at that place leh? Dunno how reliable these things can be.

Filip and Kristel said...

I also love statistics. You forgot to mention The Netherlands because I visit you quiet often.

Greetings and have a nice weekend,

Libby said...

Filip: Hi Filip, thanks for visiting my blog all the way from Netherlands, keep the comments coming in, cheers!

Hayley said...

Erm, I havent really explore mine... Hehe, will share it when I have the time =)

Simple Person said...

yes statistic is interesting.. and I am contribute to your stats..