Saturday, August 11, 2012

Blog Giveaway - Souvenir for Top Commenter

The top 2 commenters in my blog for the period of March 2012 until today will receive a secret souvenir from me. The following are the statistics of the commenters and the number of comments they left in my blog so far:

1) Simple Person - 61 comments
2) Hayley - 32 comments
3) Sherry - 15 comments
4) Rose - 12 comments
5) Genskie - 11 comments
6) Vicky - 11 comments
7) Coffeegirl - 7 comments
8) Renaclaire - 4 comments
9) Suituapui - 3 comments
10) Small Kuching - 1 comment
11) Uncle Lee - 1 comment

Can the top 2 winners above, Simple Person and Hayley, kindly leave your mailing address to me at my email address: so that I could send you the secret souvenirs. Address will be kept confidential. Keep the comments coming in and as for those who did not win, do not lose heart because from time to time, I will hold this blog giveaway for the top commenters. Cheers!


Hayley said...

Wah congrats to myself!! Haha :P

Thank you and I've mailed ya!

Simple Person said...

Yeah hayley congrats to u and myself..
Thanks libby......

Sherry said...

Congrats winners

Filip and Kristel said...

Really like this article, saw it via Haley. I also do this on my blog. Each month on the 1st.


Vickylow said...

Oh is that me at no. 6. haha not bad.

onie said...

I was here today you have very nice site.