Wednesday, July 18, 2012

Review of My Two Students

  1. Hyperactive, cannot sit still
  2. Likes to act out his thoughts with actions
  3. Able to recognise the chinese characters
  4. Good memory
  5. Short attention span
  1. Sometimes will have mood swing
  2. Will cry when teacher lectures him
  3. Good mental calculation


Simple Person said...

Good observant..

Hayley said...

Got their photos ar? Hehe...

Vickylow said...

Quite tough dealing with Hyperactive kid. For mood swing I guess need more patience and encouragement coz my boy also like that haha.

Libby said...

Simple Person: Thanks!

Hayley: Maybe one of these days I will take photo of them hee

Vicky: Needs a lot of love dealing with these kids.