Friday, June 22, 2012

Stay Positive

Just the other day, I returned home from school feeling really down. I received a "C" for a piece of art that I had worked very hard on. My classmates make fun of my new haircut. Then I lost my favourite pencil. To top it all off, my best friend was absent from school, so I could not share my woes with her.

However when I sat on my bed and thought things over for a while, I realised that these troubles were only temporary. I can aim to score a better grade on my next art assignment. My hair will grow back. I can always use the other pencils that I have. In other words, I have what it takes to move on. I do not have to let a bad day get me down. I certainly do not have to feel like a failure.

After thinking about that, I felt a lot better and decided to make the next day a better one. You can do the same too! There's a saying that goes, "When life throws lemons at you, make lemonade." It means that when you face any difficulties in life, make the best of the situation and turn it into something good.

P/S Adapted from Little Red Dot, Page 1, 15th February 2011.


Simple Person said...

I will make a lemon chicken .. lol
last few months ago.. I was in the lowest form..
Always got problem with work and lucky is always not with me..
Well I jsut told myself to work a lil bit harder and my luck will change...
have a great weekend and happy dumpling festival to you..

Libby said...

Simple Person: There's ups and downs in life as what I said in my blog header, stay positive and things will turn better, happy dumpling festival to you too! :)

ms.bulat said...

:) simple but meaningful post