Thursday, May 31, 2012

Example of A Well Written Recipe

1 pack of minced chicken meat, approximately 300gms (bought from the super mart) or you may buy chicken breast and process it into minced chicken meat.
1 small green capsicum; 1 small red capsicum, sliced.
1 egg (whisked)
1/2 cup Dried bread crumbs (panko)
2tsp Corn Flour
2tsp Plain Flour
1/2 tsp salt
Dash of pepper
2 inches ginger grated
Bamboo Skewers

Yakitori Sauce -
4 Tbsp Sake
3 Tbsp Shoyu (Japanese soya sauce)
4 Tbsp Mirin
3 Tbsp Sugar
1/2 tsp Corn Starch blend in 1tsp Water

1) Place the minced chicken meat into a big mixing bowl, add in whisked egg, dried bread crumbs, corn flour, plain flour, salt and pepper mix and combine well.

2) Roll the meat mixture into small balls

3) Boil a saucepan of water and squeeze the ginger juice out of the grated ginger into the boiling water

4) Place the chicken meat balls in the boiling water for approximately 7mins or cook till the meat balls change colour and float to the surface. Scoop it out and set it aside on kitchen paper towels.

5) Thread the chicken meat balls into the skewers; add capsicum slices in between the meat balls.

6) Brush the yakitori sauce onto the meat balls before placing it into the Happy Call Pan.

7) Pour about 1-2tbsp of the yakitori sauce into the pan before placing the meat balls into the pan

8) Grill the meat balls for 4-5mins, on medium low heat (with lid closed) on one side before turning the meat balls to the other side and continue to grill for another 4-5mins.

9) Serve warm and sprinkle some sesame seeds onto the yakitori; you may serve with more yakitori sauce.


reanaclaire said...

Looks good and easy to eat too, please hand over a stick.. :)

Simple Person said...

nice.. I did my yakitori before..
i think the most important is the sauce..

Libby said...

Reanaclaire: I have not prepared yet, wait till I cook I see nice or not then pass you a stick virtually ok?

Simple Person: Oh? You know how to cook?