Thursday, April 12, 2012

Friends I made thru the blogsphere

I have made several friends through the blogsphere and it seems most of them are from Malaysia, what a coincidence. They are Simple Person, Rose, Hayley and Sherry. I read their blogs regularly and they also leave comments in my blog regularly. I am glad to be able to exchange ideas, thoughts and information with them through blogging. It is as good as having pen pals except that now it is more high tech, we do it through the Internet. The only flaw is we cannot see each other handwriting and receive hard copies of letters but the advantage is it is more convenient and faster to share via the Internet, don't you think so?


Hayley said...

Haha nice to meet you too! Blogging is really a nice thing to do ya~

Sherry said...

Is good to know you too, making friend from blogging is great even better when you share the same interest