Wednesday, March 21, 2012

My life

I miss my past life yet I know I should move forward and not keep thinking of the past. I used to go gym with sis. And I managed to slim down after running on the treadmill consistently everytime I go gym. There's a price to pay for fame and there's also a price to pay for wealth. Sometimes we only see the good side of people but never really see the price they pay, the efforts they made "behind the scene". I also miss the "sea view" of the TME office. These are the things I miss in my office life, come to think of it, it's all the unimportant things. LOL. Even though I miss my past life, yet I can't go back there anymore because things have changed. Yet I also treasure and love my current life, cos my perspective has changed and there are different things which I treasure now.

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Rose said...

Agree! Cherish the past, treasure the present and look forward to the future. Nothing is more important than your current life and family!

Thanks for visiting and leaving comment in my blog! Will visit you again. :)